Gel Relax Eye Mask

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Me Time Redefined
Treat yourself to some quality "Me Time" with the soothing gel Relax Mask. Perfect for when you've had a rough night, or just look like you did.

Soothes headaches, puffiness, eyestrain, itchy eyes

Doubles as a sleep mask!

Use it Hot
Microwave on high for 10-30 seconds from room temperature. Touch test or wrap in cloth to avoid burns.

Use it Cold
Store in freezer or fridge for at least two hours prior to use.

Great for home use or take it travelling


Clean with mild soap or detergent

- Do not place heavy object on top of mask.
- Discard if mask is punctured or leaks.
- Do not ingest contents.
- Not for use on infants.
- Do not overheat, may cause burns or product damage

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